who we are

ECS is a capacity Building, Performance and Management Training, Monitoring and Evaluation, Leadership and Governance Consulting Firm established in Kenya. We offer tailored and proficient leadership training, policy education and research services.

Our highly interactive and engaging programs & workshops are intricately developed with cutting edge ideas, thoughts and concepts in their particular development area.

We examine issues of concern in depth and have specialized training and projects undertakings with interest in working for:

  • Government
  • Local Government
  • Peak Bodies
  • Private Organizations
  • NGO’s
  • Voluntary Organizations
  • Community Organizations
  • Private Sector



We offer Executive Coaching, Leader development and Retention training as a critical component in most organisations, adopting the concept of “innovation in leadership” – with the observation that long-term successful organisations are innovative in their products and services, the way they do business, the way they learn, and in how they constantly renew their culture.

Throughout our leadership and management workshops we use models from respected Leadership Gurus like Tom Peters, Kurt Lewin, John Adair.

  • Post Recessionary Leadership Techniques
  • Leading for Performance Excellence
  • Leading effective teams
  • The Great Way to Leadership
  • Inspiring Leaders Programme
  • Action Centred and Situational Leadership