Our background

Ethical Consulting Services Limited (ECS) was formed in 2014 by our Managing Director Derow Aden Ali with the support of five management members.

ECS is a capacity Building, Performance and Management Training, Monitoring and Evaluation, Leadership and Governance Consulting Firm established in Kenya.

We offer tailored and proficient leadership training, policy education and research services. We examine issues of concern in depth and have specialized training and projects undertakings with interest in working for Government, Local Government, peak bodies, private organizations, NGOs as well as Private sector.


We have three business units managed by Executive Directors. Each business unit is fully responsible for its activities, including where strategic allies are involved. To ensure best value for customers, we work through capacity enhancement by identifying critical partners for services we provide.

In addition, ECS enlist consultants with special focus and knowledge in areas that can add value for our clients.


To be recognized as a key regional  provider of strategic consulting for the development and execution of growth strategies across major regional  economies. To become a recognized regional  specialist in our sectors of expertise


Provide you with realistic and executable recommendations to help you make the best decisions for the successful growth of your business and its international expansion in Africa .


 Our Commitment

 1. Ethics

Ethics for  ECS means ensuring our customers the confidentiality and uniqueness of the service they are provided.  client must be reassured by the fact that the service provided to them is made-to-measure and will not be recycled for their competitors.

2. Quality

ECS  is committed to ensuring that our advice and recommendations are based on the best combination of methods, information research, creativity and internal quality assurance.

 3. Continuity

 ECS  considers that the continuity of relations on the long term with its clients is the guarantee of the satisfaction of these and the quality of the services provided.